About Professor Cornbread

This website is a collection of the Professor's photo collection of various locations he has explored over the last decade or so. It will be semi-regularly updated with material from new sites, or older photos that are found to have new meanings.

The Professor is a 20-something mild-mannered gentleman who enjoys pursuing the experience of being on, in and under spaces and suffers from a compulsion to open doors and climb in holes. He finds interest in urban as well as rural locations, public and private, old and new. As a member of the design and construction industry, the Professor sees uses for building and spaces beyond their conversion to condos for the wealthy.

While many times my explorations have taken us to private properties or other off-limits areas, most of us don't feel this trespassing is wrong. True explorers never vandalize, graffiti, damage or steal anything. Respecting others' property is more complex than simply not trespassing. The Professor abides by the motto: "Take only photographs, leave only footprints."

Be on the lookout, as the Professor is currently armed with a camera and loose somewhere in a major city.